When Animals Collect: Collective Nouns

Everyone knows that a group of dogs is a “pack” (just like bubblegum) and everyone knows that a group of crows is a “murder” (just like…a homicide)  and geese are a “gander” (like when you view something casually) and some super cool, writerly nerds that read reference books for kicks know dumb (BUT FASCINATING!) things like: a group of tigers is a  “streak” or a group of moles is a “labor” or a number of goths at the mall is called a “mope.”

What I would like you to do is: TELL ME WHAT COLLECTIVE NOUN YOU WOULD NAME YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR WORST ENEMIES.  Enter your thoughts in the comments section or someplace because you will probably win a prize. Or will get really involved (or as involved as you want, whatever) in something really cool. I will collect the collective nouns and list them here at underratedanimals.


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