The octopus is intelligent, bored, and unafraid of the light

The octopus is smarter than it looks, and has very specific tastes in lighting and interior design. Click on the video above to learn about how one octopus became master of his domain.

Its kind of scary they are so smart. I bet they fantasize about killing the scientists. I am just waiting for the day when they learn to breathe. Their going to march up of out the ocean – most likely allied with the dolphins, those squealing rapists – and take over. I’m not that scared though. I have my strategy all worked out. I will spend my nights as a sex slave to my aquatic overlords and my days as a clown for their children. Its beats being an unemployed writer.

ps. I have always wondered about whether the octopus  has a dominant hand. Or is it ambidextrous, like Mickey Mantle? So when an octopus goes to open a jar, does he always use the same tentacle?


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