Fall 2012: Upcoming Publications Round-Up

This fall I have stories coming out in a number of places. The Publications page would tell you this, but let’s face it: Neither of us ever look there. I even close my eyes when I update it  (I DO update it however.) So I thought I would do a post, now that it is almost August, of stuff I have coming out this fall. One of these stories is for you if you like: ninjas, child prostitution, lonely ants, tornadoes that stalk your doorstep, planets made of skin, or confused archeologists. Who doesn’t like ALL of those things (or at least reading about them?)

I was going to write a a whole new post from scratch, in which I describe the finer attributes of each of these wonderful journals and presses, but its getting hot and I have to mow the lawn and cut fallen trees into little bits all day, so I will just cut and paste from the aforementioned Publications page with the idea that I may come back into this post later and update it with some of that smooth hype that you are looking for and that each of these cool-as-dry-ice Editors deserve. In the meantime, click the links and check out their awesomeness for yourself. I will also add more autumnal releases to this post (as well as the much ignored Publications page) as they occur. Hear me now.

Everyday Genius: I have a piece of flash fiction, Rendezvous, forthcoming in the September issue of Everyday Genius, guest edited by Michael Kimball. Stay tuned. Here is a link to their site: http://www.everyday-genius.com/

Connotation Press: I have three pieces of flash fiction, We Are Always Digging, After The Storms, and The Earth Was a Living Thing, forthcoming from Connotation Press October 15th. Stay tuned for more information. This link will take you to their website: http://connotationpress.com/

UP Literature: I am excited to have my essay “I Will End and The Planet Will End but I Will End First and For That I Am Jealous of The Earth” forthcoming in Issue 5 of UP Literature toward the end of August. In the meanwhile, here is a link to their website: http://upliterature.com/

The Rusty Nail: I have a story, The Life and Times of Sneaky Pete, that just came out online and is forthcoming in print from The Rusty Nail. Stay tuned for more info. Here’s a link to their website:http://www.rustynailmag.com/

Black Heart Magazine: I have a story called Rebecca forthcoming from Black Heart Magazine November 26th. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s a link to their website. http://blackheartmagazine.com/

gorge: I have a story called Whiskers forthcoming in Pure Slush’s print anthology, a novel-in-stories called gorge. Here’s a link to news about the project. http://pureslush.webs.com/pureslushinprint.htm

Yours in fits of mania,



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