Oulipo fun. Fun Oulipo.

This is a poem I wrote that can be read both frontwards and backwards. I hope you like both ways.  It is best read both at once though, if it is “best read” at all.

Backward Mathematics, Mathematics Backward

World plus humans equals strangeness. Humans meet humans. Humanity meets animality. Fire plus fire equal fires. Smoke in wreaths. Cooking rats. Humans eat rats. Worlds eat humans. Snack attacks feline, black claws. Feed diners. Racehorses race horses. Fats explode, pop, sizzle. World equals spin-art. Humanity equals confusion. Confusion equals sadness.

Sadness equals confusion. Confusion equals humanity. Spin-art equals world. Sizzle, pop, explode fats. Horses race racehorses. Diners feed. Claws black, feline attacks snack. Humans eat worlds. Rats eat humans. Rats cooking. Wreaths in smoke. Fires equal fire plus fire. Animality meets humanity. Humans meet humans. Strangeness equals humans plus world.


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