Rainbow Water Salad

This story was originally published in 2010 as part of Jared Fischer’s zine/reading/cooking project, North Pole Diet poems. The concept was this: Cook something, write something inspired by it, take photos, do a reading with a slideshow of the photos. Pretty cool, huh? I decided to make a rainbow water salad, which is essentially a salad bowl full of colored ice cubes. I hope you enjoy it. Also, here is a link to a weird video of me reading and repeating myself a whole lot while a giant bird dances around me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7JWakltPj8

Rainbow Water Salad

Everybody in the world went outside for a picnic of water made from rainbows. Okay, not everybody. There were some nations who sent their regrets. Undeveloped plumbing systems, drought, and a lack of sophisticated refrigeration techniques were all cited as reasons for poor attendance, which was understandable. There were only a few who later complained that they hadn’t gotten the memo.

Almost everybody in the world went outside for a picnic made of water from rainbows. People sat on checkerboard blankets and sheets, beach towels and burlap. Some drank from tea cups, others from pint glasses and goblets, but I used my hands. And sometimes a glittered crazy straw.

The whole world (almost) was having a party, a breaking of the bread, which in this case was made from ice and rainbows. Bars and restaurants had packed outdoor seating, stadiums and high school football fields dazzled with rows of light. People were standing on rooftops all over the city.

The trees and animals were even drinking the rainbow water salad. Our friend lived out in the country and he sent us a message about it. A giant slurping noise could be heard over the Amazon. Everything looked like a Skittles commercial.

You and I sat together in our usual spot by the train tracks, sucking rainbows from each other’s palms. There were children above us on the bridge. They were holding plastic cups. The cups were glowing. They spit beams of colored water and waved at us with their arms. We waved back. There were rainbows shooting out of our eyeballs. You laughed at the sky. “I wanna be a part of something!” you screamed, as the Amtrak shot past like a bolt of lead. “Let’s start an erotic book club!”


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