16 Places I Would Like to Be Kissed (for Carabella Sands)

1) In the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea while a long-seperated family watches through binoculars from both sides and gossips about it on Skype.

2) On top of the great pyramid while being cursed by all the Pharaohs and their gods.

3) In a water-tight pressure-controlled heart-shaped submarine as it dives into the mouth of a sea monster deep in the Marianas Trench.

4) In a melting igloo on Miami Beach, naked.

5) While sliding down a rainbow.

6) On the electric chair with a plate of spaghetti licked clean at my feet.

7) In the bathroom during a flight on the International Space Station.

8) At the Earth’s core, with lava filling my eye sockets as pressure crushes my skull.

9) In the wild west, in the driver’s seat on a stolen  stagecoach, with bags of money between our knees.

10) At a sandcastle-building contest in the Sahara desert. You design, I build.

11) In Heaven, while God is on vacation.

12) In Hell, while the Devil watches.

13) On an island with only one tree and a pond.

14) On a ski lift to visit an oracle.

15) In any other state than the only one we’ve been in together.

16) Right here, in bed, next to a small dog who keeps chewing on himself.


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