On Limitless Imagination

When you use your imagination, can you use your imagination up? Can it dry up completely so you are unable to come up with, say new toppings for your cereal or humorous commentary about reality television programming?

I’ve often heard it referred to as “Limitless” – as in, “He’s a handsome young man with limitless imagination, good manners, and a decent haircut, why doesn’t he make more money writing these little stories?”

But “Limitless” has always seemed a bit suspect to me. It’s a hard concept to imagine. It looms larger than the mind’s eye. It’s shape is too nebulous to wrap the cones and rods around. I can’t smell or touch it. I can’t imagine limitless imagination, so that must prove there is a limit to what I can imagine. I try every day, but I just can’t picture it.

I keep trying.


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