A Brief Encounter



Illustration by Carabella Sands


Did I tell you how I met two unicorns the other day? They were a very nice gay couple and we met in the park when I crashed my remote control speedster into one of their hooves. By way of apology, I chuckled awkwardly. The big one snorted at me but I could tell it was a friendly snort. Then we all went out for drinks at a Mexican restaurant nearby.

The smaller one caught me admiring his horn. I told him I wasn’t gay, just curious about horns. He understood. He said he would let me touch it if I wanted. I wanted of course, but was bashful and declined.

After our drinks we parted ways and they told me to look them up on the internet, but I couldn’t find anything when I did. All I found was a bunch of cartoons and shit.



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