List of Novels I Would Like To Read But Wish Someone Else Would Write (part 1)

1) Novel about global warming from tardigrade’s point of view

2) Novel about Jesus’ delinquent adolescent years (he was already a gang leader, even as a boy)

3) Novel about working on an industrial chicken farm in Delaware

4) Novel about war from bullet’s point of view

5) Melodrama about the soap operatic lives of spiders in a barn (contains lots of cannibalism)

6) Pop cultural satire about watching television on a wet couch; entire novel takes place during a commercial break

7) Novel without punctuation from the POV of someone who just killed their grandmother

8) Novel about an American-born foreign dictator, how he came to power, how he lost it all

9) Novel about guys that work on dangerous electrical towers and/or wash the windows of skyscrapers

10) Novel in which each chapter is a list of 10



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5 responses to “List of Novels I Would Like To Read But Wish Someone Else Would Write (part 1)

  1. Very unique ideas. If they could be pulled out without feeling gimmicky, I would read then–particularly the last idea. There actually is a website of top ten lists for all categories. I wonder if they have made a book into it?

  2. Neat. I would like to read one where a narrator thinks of his/her life only in terms of lists, or at least his/her lists are all we get to learn about the characters/plot. I can imagine how this might play out with a lot of recurrence between items in the lists and with the lists ranging in scope from the very broad ideas of the narrator down to the minutia of what he/she is doing or planning to do at any given moment, served up in tens though not necessarily “top tens” with no narrative in between, and while I would like to read such a novel, I don’t feel like writing it I don’t think…maybe something shorter in lists might be fun though…

  3. Have you tried Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal? Jesus isn’t a gang leader per say, but it is about his ‘early years’ and he does make his friend go to a prostitute to try to figure out how sex works since he isn’t supposed to have it himself.

    • My aunt gave my mother a copy of that book and I read part of it. It was pretty humorous. I think I would like to read one that is a little closer to A Clockwork Orange; something that makes me feel like He really got what was coming to him up there on Golgotha.

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