My Childhood Bucket List: Part 1


At the end of the list I will provide something like a key, which will let you know whether I accomplished any of these goals. 

1. Become a garbage man or superhero; anything where I get to wear a suit and ride on the outside of vehicles.

2. Kill a lot of people in a war.

3. Have the most stuffed animals and baseball cards so I can be admired for it.

4. Learn to fly or build a jet pack or wings.

5. Marry one of the following fictional characters: a) Becky Thatcher, b) Jessica Rabbit, c) Kelly Kapowski, d) the Virgin Mary.

6. Discover buried treasure at the beach.

7. Meet a dinosaur.

8. Be tall and strong.

9. Be cool in a way that everyone has to recognize; like become the best in the class at touch football, for instance.

10: Stop stuttering.

KEY: 1: No, but I have picked up trash for community service. And I do have a suit. 2: No, but I watched it on TV and it made me sick. 3: No. I had a lot but I either threw them away or sold them in order to buy consumable, disposable products. 4: No. In fact, I have grown very scared of flying; even in airplanes, which is the only way I ever do it. 5: No. It didn’t happen, but that’s okay. 6: No. I have found money and other things at the beach but none of it felt like “treasure.” 7: No, but I have touched some alligators and turtles and things. It’s not all that. 8: No. This didn’t happen. 9: No. Not yet. 10: It depends what state of mind I am in, but for the most part, yes, I can cross this off my list. 


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