Rabbit, Rabbit (excerpted from Me, Retard)

* My mother harbors a superstition that on the first day of every month when you wake up the first two words you are supposed to say are ‘RABBIT, RABBIT.” It’s true. Not the superstition I mean, but that she believes it. Just like that, ‘RABBIT, RABBIT,’ twice in a row. If you do this you will have good luck until the end of the month. Then you have to do it all over again for the next month. If you forget to say ‘RABBIT, RABBIT’ when you wake up on the first and you say another two words instead, like ‘Good morning’ or ‘OJ, please,’ you will have very bad luck for the rest of the month. Except there is a way around this. To reverse the bad luck you have to walk up and down the stairs ten times backwards, repeating the phrase over and over again as you do it.

My mother claims the origin of this superstition goes way back, but none of my aunts ever remember it when I ask them. I always suspected she made the whole thing up. She must’ve started passing the superstition on pretty early though, because I’ve known about it ever since I can remember. I even did it myself for a while. Or tried to at least. I usually forgot missing the first of the month until well into the next one. But I tried. And this was long after I stopped believing in things like Santa Claus. I thought it was fun to walk up and down the steps backwards, I guess.

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