Tell God I Don’t Exist Book Giveaway Contest!

Tell God Hood

Here is the deal: By June 10th I will be giving away a copy of my new short story collection, Tell God I Don’t Exist, and you could be the winning recipient of said book if you enter this contest right here.  These are the rules: Watch my book trailer (Three separately-scored versions are linked below) then edit in your own soundtrack (it can be music original or something stolen off the web or just you talking or your cat retching or whatever you can think of it that sounds good over the footage) and email it to me at a long with the address where you would like your copy of the book to be shipped. I will then, by June 10th, choose my favorite version and post it on my YouTube channel, this blog, my Twitter, and wherever else (basically all over the internet like kittens) giving you all the credit you deserve. Then I will march down to the post office and mail you a copy of my book (which I hope you will read and love and tell your friends about.) Sounds fun, right?

For examples/inspiration, here are links to some versions that have been created so far:

Game of Thrones version:

Call Me Maybe version:

Creepy original song (Every Year is a New Year) version:

If you don’t know how to use iMovie or Final Cut Pro or any other video editing software, Google it or ask a friend. If you need help converting my YouTube video into a mov. file, try using the free trial of this cool software (you will thank me for introducing it to you later):

If you have any questions, shoot me an email. Here is the address again:

May the best (whatever that means) soundtrack win!




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