A ‘kind of review’ of The Big Question by Timmy Reed

Excited about these kind words for my recent story, The Big Question. Review by Lee Costello. 


alt lit, timmy reed, blank space,

Nine brothers; Narrator, Steve, Brian, Michael, Kevin, Tommy, Devin, Richard, and ???, lounge around the house one day and ponder the question, ‘do birds fuck?’ This is The Big Question.


Once the narrator has made clear that this is a ‘play by play’ work of fiction about an unfolding series of made up events, it becomes likely that The Big Question is a work of meta-fiction in the vein of, or something similar to, Charlie Kaufman. Maybe.

The issue of bird sex might be used in The Big Question as a wider metaphor for ‘the important issues’. If this is the case, then Timmy Reed uses this metaphor pretty nicely to unearth some basic, although potentially profound, or at least verging on, truths about how much of the world we take for granted in 2013.

The computers have been locked away, the books; long since burnt, other animals have…

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