List of Ways to Control Your Emotions Without the Aid of Chemicals

1. Hold your hands in the air and pretend you are squeezing heaven between your anxious fingers. Breathe.

2. Try to follow a bird in your neighborhood. When you lose it, find another. Follow that one. Keep doing it.

3. Sleep. Sleep again. Sleep some more.

3. drink water until you have to pee. Repeat constantly until you are spending all your time drinking water or urinating with nothing in between but a short walk back and forth from the sink to the toilet.

4. Scream at yourself.

5. Try to make someone feel better than you feel.

6. Be creative. Make a list maybe.

7. Watch television series marathons.

8. Try to fix whatever is upsetting you. If you hurt someone and that is what is upsetting you, try to find a way to right your wrong and if that is impossible, try to do nice things for that person.

9. Put your heart in the freezer.

10. Put your heart in boiling water.


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