July 27th, 2013 — Sara Burnett; Timmy Reed; Jen Michalski; Susi Wyss

I am excited about doing this reading on July 27th in Arlington with all these cool people, at The Waterbear Reading Series. You should be one of the cool people people in the audience!

The Waterbear Reading Series

Recap of the Debut:


Laura Ellen Scott reading from Death Wishing; smartphone photo by former student Jonathan Harper

I’m happy to report that our debut reading went off wonderfully. Thank you to Tara Laskowski, Michael Beeman and Laura Ellen Scott for reading (and doing a magnificent job; fell in love with each reading). Infinite thanks to Terry Gebeker and One More Page Books for being so kind as to letting us use their space. Wine was had and stories were shared. I got a stronger sense, Saturday evening, of what I want for this series. This I think is definitely a forum for members of the community to share their work with others in the community — after all, it can be difficult to keep up with all the great work that gets released by local writers (whether or not they are your friends even). I think more than…

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