“I Learned it From Watching You!”


Do you guys remember that anti-drug PSA commercial from 1987? The one where the kid’s dad (who looks like a fattened version of the Micro-Machine guy if he had just gotten fired from his job as a coat-hanger salesman) comes into the room with a cigar box full of drugs and asks where his son learned how to do drugs (as if it were some kind of tough learning curve? As if it took a lot of schooling? Or he had a tutor?) and the son shouts, “I Learned it From Watching You!” and the tagline is “Parents Who Use Drugs, Have Children Who Use Drugs”  and the audience is left to feel like they better stop doing drugs or their children will study their habits and, after a lot of note-taking and practice, learn to do drugs themselves. Here is a link if you are too young or had better things to do than watch whatever was on television during those years (classic TV, in my opinion): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Elr5K2Vuo

True Fact About Me: I went to Jesus camp in Martha’s Vineyard with the kid in that commercial. He was just acting, he told me. That wasn’t his real dad. They weren’t even real drugs in the cigar box. The camp was really fun and I wish I could go back this summer, but only if I could also go back in time.

True Fact About Penguins: Penguin fathers go through more struggles to raise their kids than almost all other animals. Some animals don’t go through any struggle at all.

Actual Opinion of Mine: Some humans have it rough too, I guess, but not as bad as penguins.


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