List of Jobs I Wish I Had (but Probably Don’t Exist) (but Maybe Do?)

1. I would like to sample and critique the country’s lemonade stands, publish my findings annually, and spend the rest of my year drinking iced tea.

2. I would like to be the opposite of a garbage man. I would like to come in a big truck every Tuesday and take away things that are important or that you hold dear in order to teach you not to place so much value in material things or to at least appreciate them while you have them because you won’t have them forever.

3. I would like to be a sand crab fisherman. I would also like to star in a reality show about my life digging in the wet sand.

4. I would like to be involved in a life-long research study that consisted of having dreams every night and reporting them in the morning. The only problem is that if you stopped dreaming or remembering your dreams you might get fired.

5. I would like to be a test passenger in an empty proto-type commercial jet, just there to test out the seats in motion on long flights.

6. I would like to be a Handshake Coach.

7. I would like to be paid scapegoat and recognized source of all evil for a religious sect.

8. I would like to teach children how to dig graves for their pets.

9. I would like to make things with my bare feet.

10. I would to give myself haircuts on the street for change.



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