Creatures on The Earth Are Moving


Creatures on the earth are moving. They will not stay still. The world spins faster, trying to throw them off or at least dizzy them so they will lie down. They tickle the earth’s belly, its shoulders, everything but its arms, legs, and feet, which have long been folded inward in meditation. The earth’s extremities have grown into the earth’s body, but the earth does not know this because the earth has not tried to stretch for so long. The earth cannot blame them for always moving, doing things, trying to catch things and build things and burying each other in the earth’s skin. The earth is always moving too. But the earth does not care about placing blame on the things that it hates, or loves. The earth feels that it has moved past those kinds of intense feelings. The earth has moved past placing blame. The earth just wants everyone to sit still a while.


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