List of Monsters (part 1)

1. The Monster is like a slug in its larval stage, when it penetrates your body cavities during sleep. It goes through a metamorphosis in your stomach. During this phase, it turns into a wad of bubble gum and stays there. Eventually you pass it in a painful manner and stare down at it in surprise until it blinks and you flush the toilet.

2. The Monster is a type of extremely fast deer that does not jump in front of your car but instead follows behind it, growing larger antlers all the time, until it lifts your vehicle up and places you in a tree, which you are likely to fall from and die.

3. The Monster is a Great White Shark. The shark bites you, thrashes, then leaves you to bleed in the water while it goes in search of a seal or something.

4. The Monster is a human, who is sad inside and cannot control their emotions. They inflict pain on you even though they don’t want to. In their heart they love you and it hurts them too but they cannot figure out a way to stop.

5. The Monster is a Sun, ripping atomic blasts out of itself like firecrackers, heating a planet and all of its inhabitants until it grows tired and can’t help but explode.

6. The Monster is your favorite stuffed animal, with teeth and a nightly need to lactate against your skin.

7. The Monster is an earthquake, a large wave, the wind.

8. The Monster is a debt that you have accrued knowing all the while you could never pay.

9. The Monster is the things you think you need to stay alive, but actually do not.

10. The Monster is your own thoughts, making a list of monsters instead of confronting itself.

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