List of Romantic Comedies I Would Like To See


1. A summer camp romance between a ghost and an escaped serial killer

2. A flight school romantic triangle between a plane, a motorcycle, and a volleyball net

3. A college bromance between two bi-sexual ROTC members and the girl of their dreams – a shy nursing student/gun law protester

4.  An elementary school romance consisting entirely of stolen glances, passed notes, held hands, and long phone calls that stretch bedtime to its furthest limits

5. A film all about static electricity forming between two balloons, causing them to pop; a child cries at the end

6. An illicit romance between two high school teachers, both deaf, and their favorite student, who can hear, but is secretly in love with both of them

7. Something about the love lives of miners trapped in a ventilated cave, but starving to death and delusional, developing obsessions with the rock formations, which look like their wives

8. An alligator who falls in love with a snake (and tries to make-out with it)

9. More cartoons; most romantic comedies would benefit (at least comedically) from being rendered in claymation

10. The future falls in love with the past but can never have it because the present is always standing in the way



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3 responses to “List of Romantic Comedies I Would Like To See

  1. You saved the best for last! #10 made me laugh and laugh! Awesome post!

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