DIANE screenplay now available on Scribd for $0.99

UnknownI’ve made a pdf. version of a screenplay I wrote with my friend and collaborator, Jay Lawson, in our early twenties and it is now available on Scribd for the low price $0.99. Just think, for less than a dollar, you can own a movie script to act out with your friends!

Back then (almost ten years ago I think), we planned to make the film ourselves and never expected anyone to see the screenplay, as evidenced by all the notes and parentheticals we made to ourselves about locations, sets, props, direction and everything else.  I think that stuff (as well as dialogue geared toward over-the-top improvisation for unpaid, inexperienced actors, typographic errors, etc.) adds another dimension to the screenplay while reading it as it tells our story, the story of clueless young people that want to make a movie with nothing but ideas and a sense of humor, alongside Diane’s story of exploitation, romance, horror, comedy, and miracles.

Here is a brief synopsis of the plot: Diane is a love story wrapped inside an exploitation horror-comedy about three Satan-worshipping, man-hating, lesbian witches, artificially inseminated by the Devil, who give birth to his only son, a rockabilly juvenile delinquent teen named Diane. Diane lacks his mother’s faith in religion (Satanism) and denies his birthright (Apocalyptic world domination), preferring to seek out the companionship of his crush, a blue-blooded field hockey player from North Baltimore who is already caught in the romantic sight of her preppy, lacrosse-playing cousin. This tale of mismatched lovers pleases none of the adults (or Satan) who all try to control the situation in their own desperate ways. Miracles abound in this wild, profane, touching, and just plain silly religious horror-comedy-romance from Timmy Reed and Jay Lawson.

And here is a link to the screenplay on Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/174389639/Diane


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