Facebook Word Salad – January 9, 2015

Maybe we can stop somewhere and get a snack to take home and nibble with some hot chocolate? I don’t think he ever drank codeine cough syrup either. It is a very odd hat. When you say, “I don’t believe people should be murdered and of course I believe in freedom of speech, but…” at first, I laughed. Then, I realized how staggeringly useful this could be.

Someone has the snow crazies. A new study says that women who expel a lot of liquid during sex are urinating out of pleasure. Please use this thread to share your first online publication of 2015.

Happy release day!

Remember this? #‎ThrowBackThursday

Lots of murders.

God, doesn’t this image really just say it all?

If someone has tried to cut off your wings, please know that they are beautiful and welcome. Come out for the last reading of the season featuring: I probably would’ve taken a selfie in front of a burning building, 1. super rad and 2. incredibly important, and Why is it so much easier to roll out of bed at noon when I know I don’t have to go to the gym? Be there at 8! Beer available with donation? Yes!


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