Film trailer for Birds and Other Things We Placed In Our Hearts:

2015 Baker Artist Awards Maryland Public Television Special:

The Ghosts That Surrounded Them Book Trailer:

Men Digging Holes In Their Backyards: Performed and produced but The Breakroom Stories:

Cutty Spot Interview: Matthew Sherling sent me some questions about Tell God I Don’t Exist, rap music, and writing for Cutty Spot and I answered them awkwardly in my pajamas.

Animal Hospitality:

What It Sounds Like in My Head When I Read Aloud From My Own Book:

Tell God I Don’t Exist book trailers:

Game of Thrones version:

Call Me Maybe version:

Creepy original song (Every Year is a New Year) version:

Yuletide Dance



Storytelling at CenterStage in Baltimore as part of The Stoop Storytelling Series’s night of Campfire Tales.

Rainbow Water Salad, at North Pole Diet poetry reading

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